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Through our organisation, Bradford was declared as Zero Tolerance City to female genital mutilation (FGM) in 2017, making Bradford the 2nd city in the UK to do so.

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About us

We empower with compassion for a brighter future.

PEACEMAKER INTERNATIONAL PROJECT (PIP) is a humanitarian community-based family-support organisation that provides a wide range of activities for vulnerable people, including the elderly, women, and the unemployed.

PIP, in collaboration with WOMEN IN SAFE HANDS (WISH), promotes the safety and well-being of women and girls through community-based crisis intervention.

Our Causes

Championing Causes: our involvements

Career Support For Job Seekers

we have many good and progressive stories to tell. Some of those who passed through the project now work in high places, including banks, private and public companies in the UK.

Food Provision

We give food parcels to vulnerable families to reduce adverse effects of the economic crisis which has led to the increase in the cost of living. This project has been supported by Bradford Local Government and UK Government via the National Lottery. We have got a food storage where food items are laid out to facilitate easy selection.


WISH addresses forced marriages, human trafficking, genital mutilation, and abuse, prioritizing the safety of women and children through community-based intervention. It recognizes all forms of abuse and advocates for the fundamental right of individuals to live free from harm.

Early Mental Illness Therapies

We come in at the early stage of mental maladies, including enlightening people on how to cope with stress and depression, helping them to deal with difficulty relationships. Included in the service provision here is befriending to break loneliness and isolation.

Support For The Elderly And People With Disabilities

We have been supporting older people with our Senior Anchor Project (SAP) and African Elders and Friends Project for more than 10 years. The project brings people aged 55+ together regularly to socialise, break isolation and loneliness.

African Community Wellness

Together, we're nurturing strong, resilient communities that thrive in unity and celebrate the richness of African heritage.

warm space

We are a warm space

Join us for a comforting experience with hot soups like tomato, chicken, and mushroom, along with tea, coffee, and biscuits. Our space is open for individuals seeking a warm environment to discuss personal issues while enjoying our hospitality.

Feel free to request food parcels during your visit or any other day you’re in need. Our warm space operates from Tuesday to Thursday, offering tea, coffee, and snacks from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Take home food parcels are available to ensure you leave with more than just warmth.

our impact

Some of the impact of our project

Some positive outcomes our charity has made in the community


We train local people to become champions, helping others to know about our projects.

Job Opportunities

We offer local volunteering, work experience, and some are taken as placement students.


Involving people within the community in different activities.


We support older people to remain independent and active at home by addressing their problems and interests.


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